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A couple nights ago I was looking over the UEFI spec, and I realized it shouldn't be too hard to write UEFI applications in Rust. It turns out, you can, and here I will tell you how.

Language gets me giddy, but thank god lots of other people get giddy over stuff like this.

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RE: My problem with UEFI..
by Brendan on Wed 20th Nov 2013 10:06 UTC in reply to "My problem with UEFI.."
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There should currently be no hardware differences between "BIOS motherboard" and "UEFI motherboard". The only difference is what data the manufacturer felt like storing in the flash ROM.

My guess is that you're not a large enough statistical sample, and were just unlucky. I flipped a coin 10 times and it came up "heads" 7 times, therefore there must be a secret government plot to make one side of the coin heavier and the other lighter to influence the results. ;-)

- Brendan

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