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Remember the curved phone from LG, the LG G Flex? There's actually truth to its name. Not only does the back cover 'heal' from scratches, the phone itself is actually, honest-to-god flexible. It bends without breaking or damaging the phone. So yes, this device may look silly - but the future is peeking into the present here. Quite amazing.

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RE: the future?
by oiaohm on Thu 21st Nov 2013 01:30 UTC in reply to "the future?"
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"the future is peeking into the present here

So, this is the future? Pfft. I want robotic homemakers, space cruisers, flying cars! That was the future that was promised us in the '80s.. Who cares about scratches when, after a day of work, one has to drive for 2 hours in a giant traffic jam only to find out he needs a shirt ironed?

biffuz You need to iron shirts?? Really that funny one. Took long enough we are now seeing natural min washing and iron free shirts on the market. There have been iron free shirts for a long time in pure synthetics recent years closer to natural materials. The scary idea is 100 days between washing. I don't want to consider the disease load that could be on some of these future shirts.

biffuz what I am missing is iron free cargo style pants.

Yes my shirts are up in the 100 dollar USD range. I have iron free dress pants as well. So for me its mostly washing, drying, hanging and folding. Ironing is not part of my life except on the odd times I go fancy.

biffuz a self driving car would be useful. So in traffic jams I could be working on other things.

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