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"We can end government censorship in a decade," Schmidt said during a speech in Washington. "The solution to government surveillance is to encrypt everything."

Setting aside the entertaining aspect of the source of said statement, I don't think encryption in and of itself is enough. Encryption performed by companies is useless, since we know by now that companies - US or otherwise - are more than eager to bend over backwards to please their governments.

What we need is encryption that we perform ourselves, so that neither governments nor companies are involved. I imagine some sort of box between your home network and the internet, that encrypts and decrypts everything, regardless of source or destination. This box obviously needs to run open source software, otherwise we'd be right back where we started.

Is something like that even possible?

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RE[5]: Comment by ilovebeer
by RawMustard on Sat 23rd Nov 2013 16:02 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by ilovebeer"
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I see you only berating Schmidt

Only because this article is about him. Don't worry I'm well aware of all the others.

Now, how useful is boycotting some company in the first place? We geeks are in the minority, the companies make most of their money and most of their tracking data from Joe Blows

Then teach the Joe Blows how to fight back, how to avoid their snares, what the implications are if they willfully turn a blind eye to immoral, vile practices. And you're a bigger minority than you think!     Think of the children!

and we boycotting someone will be like a fly trying to take down an elephant. You'd need a way of influencing the unwashed masses if you truly wanted to make a change or you'd have to get yourself in a position of power.

David slayed Goliath with a stone. Only a 1/3rd of Americans took down a "whole empire!" Stop belittling yourself. It took years to get to where we are. Slowly we can crawl it back to the right way. We have the technology, the smarts and the means to win! It starts with standing tall and having the courage to take the first step and keep forging forward. Teach others and slowly they'll begin to follow you.

As a small example of us winning small battles(Later we'll win the big ones). Did you read about The Interactive Advertising Bureau whining about Ad blocking?

The doers of this world, the ones that stand tall (Ad block plus are just one) are right behind you. They didn't just accept the status quo, they're fighting back. This little battle is not just about blocking ads, it's also to do with privacy and freedom and putting it back in the hands of the people!

I've often toyed around with the idea of running for politics as I have plenty of characteristics that would quite possibly appeal to Joe Blows around here, making me easier to relate with -- I'm mentally unstable, I've been unemployed for a decade so I know what it's like...

Fabius Maximus didn't achieve victory by joining Hannibal's ranks when at the gates of Rome. He beat him by cutting of his life blood in a war of attrition. Projects like GNU/Linux, Adblock, noScript, Tor, Bitcoin, startpage, duckduckgo and others are Fabius's foot soldiers attacking the system at its edges. The faster we educate people of the consequences of their actions and how to protect themselves and fight back the quicker the erosion/attrition will take effect.

Your writing and reasoning do not sound to me like someone with mental issues, more someone who is a little young and naive, who just needs to be set on the right path. As I said, "you're smart", use your smarts for the betterment of all and when you grow old and are ready to leave this place you'll pass in comfort knowing you did good for the world instead of wondering and regretting if you could have done something or more!

The stigma of being unemployed is spread by those who lack intelligence, the sheeple. As long as you're doing good for others around you, what does it matter if you're not grinding the stone of the state? Your contributions to the people is what counts; not paying taxes to enrich some slime ball and increasing the power of the beast. This monster is going to eat us all sooner than later if we don't stop feeding it. Use your time wisely for the good of all and that stigma will disappear!

Alas, I'm just not driven enough, I don't give a flying fuck about regular politics

I don't believe you, or you wouldn't be on this forum making the posts you do and arguing with me again! ;~)

only about basic human rights, privacy, environment and animal-life, and I'd probably just end up committing harakiri if I had to interact with all these greedy, selfish buttwipes every single day.

Well honey, dear. Those things are politics and it would seem you do give a flying fuck ;~)

Every facet of our lives involves politics whether we want to admit to ourselves or not, but whatever makes you feel better.

Politics: Poli meaning many and tics being blood sucking parasites. I wonder why they called it that? ;~)

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