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The big story in The New York Times on November 20, 1985, concerned Hurricane Kate's advance as it smashed into northern Cuba and the Florida Keys before barreling north to threaten the Gulf Coast. But another big story -- for the technology world -- was about to unfold thousands of miles away in Las Vegas, where the Comdex trade show was getting under way.

Apple had grabbed headlines a year earlier with the introduction of its graphical Macintosh. Now, after two years of delays, Microsoft was finally ready to debut the much-promised Microsoft Windows.

It became the blueprint for many of Microsoft's new product launches. Early versions suck, but get progressively better over the years.

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by Fergy on Sat 23rd Nov 2013 17:10 UTC in reply to "Comment by MOS6510"
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Most version 1 products sucked.

Apple TV for example, 2nd and 3rd generation are still updated, but the first not anymore since a long time. The first iPhone and iPad were either lacking features or got obsoleted much quicker than following generations.

First Android phone.

Linux sucked for some time.

I guess every version 1 (Windows, Linux, Android) sucked either from the start or when compared to 2nd and following generations (iPad, iPhone, Apple TV).

To be successful in this business you need a long breath (==money) and figure out the weaknesses in your product and fix them.

With Windows Microsoft took a very long time to get things right. Even though version 3 brought them success, it still sucked. Windows 3.11 and Windows 2000 were some bright spots I guess, but Windows 7 (or perhaps Vista + service packs) was the first Windows version that didn't suck. And then they released Windows 8!!!

I think you have blinders on. Did the first big mac suck?

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