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Microsoft has enlisted the reality-television series "Pawn Stars" in its ongoing campaign to bash rival Google.

An online video ad released Tuesday mimics the plot set up of "Pawn Stars," which features people toting precious or odd objects for appraisal at a Las Vegas pawn shop. In Microsoft's fictional telling, a woman is trying to trade in a Chromebook, a no-frills laptop powered by Google software.

"The only problem with Microsoft is they just have no taste, they have absolutely no taste."

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RE[7]: This reeks of desperation
by zsekeres on Sat 30th Nov 2013 13:21 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: This reeks of desperation"
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"That's actually not true. Chrome apps can use local storage

Look up, I actually said that too in my original comment above the one you replied to. But it's just not the same thing as a true, fully useful OS.
Apps != OS

- If a Chrome app does not offer offline operation it is not the fault of the OS.
- If a Windows application does not use network access (e.g. for updates) it is not the fault of the OS.

My point though, is that you're just not going to do any serious work with one sans internet. You're not going to do any real development, and I'd be nervous about trusting my WIP fiction and non-fiction projects to such a flaky device.

A Chromebook is by default flaky? I do not see why. If the SSD in a Windows netbook dies the work is lost just the same.

But again, I'm not the normal use-case for one of these. I'm much better served by a full OS, and I've already said that for people with reliable, 24/7 wifi wherever they go, a Chromebook is a great device.

So I can perfectly understand that a Chromebook does not work you. But I do think that it is a matter of available applications and not necessarily of the OS.

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