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Not only did the PlayStation 4 outsell the Xbox One in its first weekend by about 100000 units in the UK, it completely obliterated the Wii U.

The numbers are even bleaker for Nintendo - its year of Wii U sales have now been trounced in a weekend by both next-gen machines. More people bought a PS4 and a copy of Knack over the weekend than bought a Wii U at any point over the past year and new release Super Mario 3D World.

If not even a Mario game can save a Nintendo console, you know something's up. People, Nintendo is in deep, deep trouble.

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by SitrucKram on Mon 2nd Dec 2013 19:26 UTC in reply to "smh"
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It's not necessarily the first-party games that most people want. Yes, maybe some people are content with playing the 50th Mario game in succession, but I'm not. I speak for a group of people that want good games, regardless of who makes them, with controls that aren't batshit insane to operate. I like Mario - I really do. I think it stands for some of the highest quality in game development, but there's only so much time that can be spent smashing little mushroom-headed baddies. Nintendo needs to evolve and grow-up with the group of people that supported them. Nostalgia only gets you so far.

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