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Not only did the PlayStation 4 outsell the Xbox One in its first weekend by about 100000 units in the UK, it completely obliterated the Wii U.

The numbers are even bleaker for Nintendo - its year of Wii U sales have now been trounced in a weekend by both next-gen machines. More people bought a PS4 and a copy of Knack over the weekend than bought a Wii U at any point over the past year and new release Super Mario 3D World.

If not even a Mario game can save a Nintendo console, you know something's up. People, Nintendo is in deep, deep trouble.

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both get back to their roots and exploit obvious opportunity. Sony and MS seem to both be in for grabbing more control. To me that means being indi friendly and more network able, perhaps even allowing people to run their own servers. Screw the EA type money grabs. They will get sales of first party titles if people buy the consoles. Nintendo doesn't have to have the fastest hardware but it also shouldn't be offensively slow like the wii was.

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