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Absolutely fantastic article by Tracey Lien.

If the selection at the average retailer is anything to go by, girls don't play video games. If cultural stereotypes are anything to go by, video games are for males. They're the makers, the buyers and the players.

There is often truth to stereotypes. But whatever truth there may be, the stereotype does not show the long and complicated path taken to formulate it, spread it and have it come back to shape societal views.

The attitude towards women in video games is even worse when you take online multiplayer into consideration. One of my team mates in League of Legends is a woman, and I've seen some absolutely terrible things being thrown her way in chat - during and even after the game is over. I've also pretended to be female in League of Legends just to see what would happen, and it was just as bad. However, I could just shrug it off - hearing the things guys say while you're pretending to be a woman as an experiment is a hell of a lot different than hearing these things when you're actually a woman.

I even caught myself thinking 'my female team mate should just pretend to be a guy' - but you know what? That's expletive ridiculous. As Lien details in her article, changing the way video games are being marketed would be a very good first step that could most certainly snowball into the future.

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RE[3]: Dear fellow males
by leos on Wed 4th Dec 2013 20:33 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Dear fellow males"
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I take basic reading and comprehension ain't your things. Different strokes, I guess.

It really is very simple: Those who are affected by the issue should be the ones expressing their point of view about it, while those who aren't should be the ones doing the listening. Some people seem to have a fantastically hard time grasping such a basic concept somehow...

You seem to think that hasn't happened. The issue is clear. There are lots of jerks and abusive idiots playing games, and a potentially disproportionate amount of abuse is faced by people with minority attributes in that group (female, race, sexual orientation, lack of skill, overweight, etc).

There is nothing to be gained by explaining for the 100th time that this is the case. What I have yet to see is an effective proposal to improve the situation. A generic appeal for everyone to be nice mmmkay is not going to to do it. So let's hear something realistic. The regular non-abusive gamer can do nothing to help this situation. This is not like real life where bystanders can step in to prevent abuse. It's really in the hands of game companies (strict family friendly servers) or enforcing real name policies so that abusers are easily traceable.

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