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"Joining the Linux Foundation is one of many ways Valve is investing in the advancement of Linux gaming," Mike Sartain, a key member of the Linux team at Valve said. "Through these efforts we hope to contribute tools for developers building new experiences on Linux, compel hardware manufacturers to prioritize support for Linux, and ultimately deliver an elegant and open platform for Linux users."

Mark my words: Valve will do for Linux gaming what Android did for Linux mobile. Much crow will be eaten by naysayers in a few years.

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I wouldn't hold your breath. ATI and NVidia do try to provide drivers; but both the kernel developers and X developers are constantly breaking them (changing APIs). After years of having their work broken by morons (who can't create a standard and stick to it), I can't understand why ATI and NVidia haven't given up on Linux completely.

Brendan this is a complete lie. Linux Kernel breakages with Nvidia and ATI have in fact in all cases traced to them depending on behaviour that was not defined in the Stable API of the Linux kernel. Stable ABI is also exported to user-space. Functions exported to userspace making up the Stable ABI if they are every broken they will be fixed in a kernel revison. So no the Linux kernel cannot be in this list.

Nvidia and ATI have got into some trouble for bad coding behaviour. Like it was never good coding behaviour to just use the big kernel lock instead of creating your own. This busted ATI. Nvidia broken due to saying that page sizes will always be 8Kb. The standard api did not say either. In fact it said it was platform definable with a look up function that told you how big the current page size was.

The kernel side of the Nvidia and ATI drivers does not break that often. Yes and almost all cases have been something that should not have been done in the first place. There are functions in the linux kernel marked GPL only as well. These are not stable and are only fore drivers include as part of the main Linux kernel.

Nvidia is getting wiser with age. Like recently needing dma-buf making sure it was exported to user-space with a interface that would be stable.

X developers thinking nvidia designed bypasses to most of the X11 stack instead of fixing it.

The change of X11 API for drivers is in fact slower than Microsoft speed. Brendan so I do not get where you get this constantly changing api bit from. Look at the time frames of DRI 1 and DRI 2 and DRI 3. Please note they over lap with each other. For a very long time.

ABI changing is a lot more common.

Brendan X11 DRI driver compatibility in X11 is a 10 year thing for each version. DRI1 has only recently started being nuked. DRI1 drivers from 1998 still work on the 1 version of X11 where DRI1 will be removed.

Nvidia issue with X11 is hooking into functions that are not part of X11 DRI driver interfaces. Yes random-ally hooking into stuff is a way to get burnt.

Brendan yes the reason why Nvidia and ATI have not walked away from Linux is most of the trouble they have had is their own fault for not working with upstream and not using the upstream provided interfaces.

This has been the big problem most of the argument against Linux on drivers is bogus.

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