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Having access to your data and being able to take it with you is important, especially if that data contains precious memories like old love letters, your first job offer, or that 100-message thread discussing the merits of various cat videos. Starting today we're rolling out the ability to export a copy of your Gmail and Google Calendar data, making it easy to back up your data or move to another service.

You can download all of your mail and calendars or choose a subset of labels and calendars. You can also download a single archive file for multiple products with a copy of your Gmail, Calendar, Google+, YouTube, Drive, and other Google data.

Great move by Google. The Data Liberation Front had gotten a bit stale, and it was about time exporting all your emails from Gmail became easier. Good backup tool, too - for, you know, company stuff. Or emails from a girl you like.

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RE: Google Less Evil
by Fergy on Fri 6th Dec 2013 08:59 UTC in reply to "Google Less Evil"
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It's not that Google doesn't do evil. it's that they do enough good that (when I compare them to other tech companies) they don't seem all bad. Things like this make it easier for me to stick with gmail. Totally using duck duck go though.

A few years ago I would have agreed with you. But Google has become so much like a Facebook/Microsoft hybrid that I am constantly on the lookout for something better.
- closing google reader
- closing igoogle
- breaking youtube subscriptions
- breaking youtube comments
- stop supporting Galaxy Nexus (600 euro!)
- moving away from open standards
- playstore
On top of that. Where is the innovation? A few years back we got Maps, Gmail, Reader, iGoogle, Youtube etc.

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