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RIM grew into one of the world's most valuable tech companies. The BlackBerry became the indispensable accessory of business executives, heads of state, and Hollywood celebrities - until iPhone and Android came along and spoiled the party. Today the company, which has been renamed, simply, BlackBerry, is burning through cash as sales keep falling. On Nov. 21, BlackBerry shares closed at just above $6, the lowest it's been in almost 15 years.

Over the last two months, Bloomberg Businessweek spoke to dozens of current and former BlackBerry employees, vendors, and associates. Here is their account of the thrill of BlackBerry's ascension - and the heartache of watching its demise.

Aside from of course the personal tragedies that may arise from a possible complete BlackBerry collapse, I have little to no connection to the company or its products.

Except for one product.

I hope they release it as open source before it's too late.

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If you earn a decent income, even in a country like India, 400USD for an iPad isn't a whole lot, especially for something that can be used for 4+ years. Either you use it, hand it down to someone else in the family, or sell it. It's around $170 more than a Nexus 7, but the apps available on it are a lot more powerful as well.

I still have an iPad 1 that works still works decently, especially now that apple has updated the iTunes store to install an old version of software on older devices based on supported features, instead of just offering the latest version and refusing to install.

Disclosure: I own a Nexus 4 & a Nexus 7 as my main devices, since my team does Android development. Only iOS device I own is the iPad 1.

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