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"It's pretty much a brick," says Pawn Stars' Rick Harrison as he rejects a Samsung Chromebook brought in by an actor playing a customer. Microsoft really doesn't want you buying this thing.

But why? Just how big of a threat are Chromebooks, Google's oft-ridiculed web-only laptops, to Microsoft's core business?

I'm puzzled too. It doesn't seem like Chromebooks are that big of a threat - why create terrible advertisements that only provide Google with free publicity?

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Microsoft are just scared
by Tony Swash on Sat 7th Dec 2013 12:00 UTC
Tony Swash
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Microsoft are just scared in general. Microsoft spent years building a super defensive, and for a long time very effective, defensive business strategy designed to protect Window's position on the desktop and Office's role at work.

Twenty years of defensive culture about their most important products bred a deeply defensive corporate culture.

Then in a shockingly short time all that defensive work was rendered almost irrelevant, Microsoft were quite suddenly out flanked and now find themselves in the utterly alien position of playing desperate catch up in the fasted growing and arguably most important tech markets.

It's like some who has always believed in imaginary conspiracies suddenly falling prey to a real conspiracy, their paranoia has exploded.

It must be a deeply disorientating and worrisome time at MS, the current CEO is a lame duck, no new CEO has been anointed and a company built on corporate career ladders and fiefdoms is turning its organisational structure upside down.

And the cash cow products are ailing.

No wonder they are worried.

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