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The Microsoft CEO succession process appears to be stalled. This is a company with immense human, technical, and financial resources; the tech industry is filled with intelligent, energetic, dedicated candidates. What's wrong with the matchmaking process?

The gist: Microsoft needs someone strong enough to stand up to the old guard still looking over everyone's shoulder (Gates and Ballmer) - and essentially dismiss them - since the company needs to look to the future, not the past.

Good luck with that.

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RE: Comment by Nelson
by PieterGen on Mon 9th Dec 2013 11:17 UTC in reply to "Comment by Nelson"
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If Devices and Services is what Microsoft wants to be...

Isn't the combination of Devices AND Services the problem? A device is (nowadays) a device plus software, an integrated thing, such as the iPad. Good concept, the market shows that consumers want this. This is Apple's way of business. A service is an online thing that people want to use on *any device*. Such as GMail or DropBox. Also a good concept. This is Google's way of business.

However, combining those seems impossible. The Devices have a closed ecosystem, the Services must be open. Microsoft sells Devices such as Surfaces (hardware with e.g. MS Office installed) but look at the Office online offers and compare that to Google Docs. Google Docs is simple, it works online on any device. Office 365 is a hard to comprehend mixture of installed software and online services. I still don't know if I (as a Linux user) can use it, even if I were prepared to pony up the yearly fee.

I would say that in the old days there were two models:
a- Devices (integrated hard & software)
b- Software (pick your own hardware)
With the internet a third model came up:
c- Services (do your business online, on any device that can browse)

Services killed Software. Which leaves us with:
- Devices
- Services
Take your pick, but you can't have both.....or am I missing something here?

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