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While my Jolla still hasn't shipped, the community isn't sitting still at all. Sailfish has already been ported to Jolla's spiritual predecessor - yes, the Nokia N9 can now run Sailfish OS. The beautify of it all is that you don't even need to remove Harmattan, since it can dual-boot. It's relatively complete too, since GPS, A-GPS, Bluetooth, wifi and 'Calling Functions' are already working.

In addition, Sailfish' first update, version has been detailed in its changelog - it's mostly a bugfix and stability release. So, when the pre-order devices arrive at our doorsteps, we'll have a software update waiting

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RE: They haven't shipped yet?
by shmerl on Mon 9th Dec 2013 20:36 UTC in reply to "They haven't shipped yet?"
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Yes, they started, but currently their reach is pretty limited. Nothing is available for US for sure, even if you buy it in Europe - current devices won't support US 3G and 4G networks.

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