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The giants of the tech industry are uniting to wage a campaign for sweeping reforms to the National Security Agency.

Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple, LinkedIn and AOL are setting aside their business rivalries to demand that Congress and President Obama scale back the government's voracious surveillance.

These companies had little to no qualms about teaming up with the US government back when it was all done in relative secrecy, but now that it's out in the open, they're acting like heroes. This campaign would never have been launched if Snowden hadn't blown the whistle, which means the motive behind this new campaign is money - not morality.

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RE[3]: Comment by Nelson
by woegjiub on Mon 9th Dec 2013 21:25 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by Nelson"
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The democrats are meant to be the left-wingers, yet the've been heavily pro-military and pro-corporation.
Neither Democrats or Republicans are going to do anything to change the shitty culture of fear that has lead to things like the PATRIOT ACT and PRISM.

Because a massive percentage of the US are rednecks/religious fundamentalists, you're not going to see any large shift towards the greens or libertarians either.

Ergo, there is no point in voting in the US.
Which sucks for the 96% of humanity that *don't live there*, yet are spied upon and have their countries controlled by the US.

Most countries aren't much better; I'm an Australian, so I know my racist and conservative country is far from exemplar, but damn it if I don't want the US to just fuck off and stop controlling us.

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