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Two changes supposedly coming to the next version of Windows, according to veteran Paul Thurrott:

Metro apps running in windows on the desktop. As you can today with third-party utilities such as ModernMix, the next version of Windows will let users optionally run Metro apps in floating windows on the desktop.

Start menu. After bringing back the Start button in Windows 8.1, Microsoft will take the next logical step in the next Windows version and make the Start menu available as an option. It's possible this will appear only on those product versions that support the desktop.

This would be Microsoft admitting they got Windows 8 all wrong.

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No it isn't, this is a screenshot from my PC of Word 2007:

Each item is logically grouped, each set of insert types are grouped by type and are clearly labelled. You can see it in the screenshot. Each grouping is self evident.

Maybe if you can't read it would be a problem.

So you find the one clean one and make claims from that one? Look at the home tab and tell me thats clean.

Oh comon. Tabs are hardly Microsoft centric, as I previously said they have been on the web easily for the last 10 years. It is a well known.

I have only seen this Ribbon failure on microsoft systems. There are tabs in my browser yes but it os not nearly as complex as a wysisg text editor

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