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Two changes supposedly coming to the next version of Windows, according to veteran Paul Thurrott:

Metro apps running in windows on the desktop. As you can today with third-party utilities such as ModernMix, the next version of Windows will let users optionally run Metro apps in floating windows on the desktop.

Start menu. After bringing back the Start button in Windows 8.1, Microsoft will take the next logical step in the next Windows version and make the Start menu available as an option. It's possible this will appear only on those product versions that support the desktop.

This would be Microsoft admitting they got Windows 8 all wrong.

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RE[3]: Comment by ronaldst
by ronaldst on Tue 10th Dec 2013 13:02 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by ronaldst"
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Sadly, Microsoft is doing the same. Their Android/iOS apps are better. They even have Remote Desktop on those platforms. My Lumia 820 will get it some day.

Apparently sorting photos in their Windows 8 Photo app isn't necessary. And POP3 is too much to ask for the Mail app. Most included apps are garbage. I doubt anyone at Microsoft even uses Metro apps.

The navigating with a mouse issues aren't fixed. Auto-hide panels weren't a good idea in '95. They're surely not any good now.

Also I am sick of horizontal panning/scrolling apps. I hope the one who added it to the UI guideline gets punched in the nuts or the ovaries.

There's is only one camp to blame: Microsoft.

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