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Two changes supposedly coming to the next version of Windows, according to veteran Paul Thurrott:

Metro apps running in windows on the desktop. As you can today with third-party utilities such as ModernMix, the next version of Windows will let users optionally run Metro apps in floating windows on the desktop.

Start menu. After bringing back the Start button in Windows 8.1, Microsoft will take the next logical step in the next Windows version and make the Start menu available as an option. It's possible this will appear only on those product versions that support the desktop.

This would be Microsoft admitting they got Windows 8 all wrong.

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I really don't want to tare your post apart because really I only came on here to talk about what I personally prefer from a UI. But your post is so full of hypocrisy that I really need to address those points first, in the hope that we can drop this stupid attitude.

First of all, you cannot use your own anecdotal evidence if you're going to bitch and moan at others for doing the same.

Secondly, you cannot argue that other people need to cite evidence while yourself making sweeping generalisations without any evidence.

Thirdly, you have no right to claim that I have a reading comprehension problem when you've constantly ignored my comments and at several points completely misunderstood what "anecdotal" and "experience" even means (for the record, listing off the aesthetic properties of the ribbon isn't anecdotal, it's literally just the same as your screenshot evidence but expressed verbally rather than pictorially)

And lastly, you have no right to come on here and spout superiority over unverified claims that you happen to work in IT. We all work in IT. This isn't the Dail Mail forums; this is a technology forum. So I bet 99% of us (myself included) have successful careers in IT. If you want us to be swayed by your arguments then you have at least bother to make a logical argument to begin with because we're all smart enough to spot when someone is bullshitting us. And by that I mean all of us; you, me, and everyone else commenting and lurking on OSN. So don't think I'm going to respect you just because you type that you work in IT for a big company.

Now to get back to the crux of my argument; my point was only ever about why I, personally, don't like the ribbon bar. Nothing you can say nor do will change that opinion because even I cannot control that opinion. I just like something or I don't. I may be able to substantiate why I don't like something, but that doesn't mean that my preference was a conscious decision. And this is why I mentioned about the dyslexia - it wasn't to pretend I have some kind of disability (in fact people who blame things on their dyslexia are people who really wind me up rotten). I merely offered up that as one possible explanation as to why I see white noise rather than signal (metaphorically speaking, of course) when glancing at the ribbon bar. So you'd do better by respecting my personal preferences just like you choose to respect your own preferences and those that fall into the mythical "95%" figure which I'll go into next. And just like I respect the fact that you like the ribbon bar (and I mean that sincerely!)

However your point about, and I quote, "95% of people find the one UI paradigm easier" DOES need citation. So either put up some hard numbers (as you like to call them) yourself or stop demanding that I have to evidence my own personal preferences. Or better yet, stop telling me I'm wrong because my preferences happen to differ from yours.

Anyway, I wish I never bothered to open dialogue with you because I've now wasted several hours of today when I should have writing a caching daemon for one of my webfarms. ;)

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