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Nokia has been building its own Android phone according to multiple sources familiar with the company's plans. Codenamed Normandy, and known internally at Nokia under a number of other names, the handset is designed as the next step in low-end phones from the Finnish smartphone maker. We understand that Nokia has been testing "Normandy" with a special "forked" variant of Android that's not aligned with Google's own version, akin to what Amazon does with its Kindle Fire line.

The release of this phone is slated for 2014, and is supposedly "full steam ahead". I guess this will depend on how quickly Microsoft can complete the acquisition.

Unfounded speculation on my end: could this be the reason Microsoft went ahead and bought Nokia's devices division? A successful Nokia Android phone would be quite embarrassing for them, after all.

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RE: Comment by Nelson
by Deviate_X on Wed 11th Dec 2013 10:28 UTC in reply to "Comment by Nelson"
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Interesting. Looks like they positioned Android to be the replacement for Asha in the future, or at least they were until Microsoft bought them.

Nokia legally has to continue to operate as if the deal wont go through until it actually does go through due to anti trust regulation, so for the time being, if this is indeed a hedge betting skunk works project it needs to proceed as planned.

What intrigues me is how this phone plays into the existing commercial agreement between Microsoft and Nokia, and just how old this project is. Brand new projects like these often have like an 18 month cycle, so this could predate a lot of recent developments.

Seems like water under the bridge at this point though, the DOJ and EU have approved of the sale of the division to Microsoft and it'll be a cold day in hell before Microsoft ships this.

Depending on the legalities, it would be a very interesting move to if Microsoft replaced, Asha with some kind of Android blend - Amazon Kindle style - but whether it would make sense in a market place (more marketing/blogoshere space) where Android infact === google services is another matter.

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