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OS/2 and eComStation

A new demo live CD of eComStation 2.2 beta, the evolution of OS/2 Warp, is now available. The new live demo CD (beta 5) can be downloaded after a free registration from the eComStation site. There is some discussion about it on the forum.

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Worth a try
by biffuz on Wed 11th Dec 2013 13:30 UTC
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the memory
requirements are quite steep (at least 160 MB of system memory).

I couldn't resist a laugh ;)

The only supported virtual machines for this Demo CD are Parallels Desktop and Microsoft Virtual PC.

Someone should tell them the latter isn't sold anymore.

I have old versions of both, I will give it a try. I hope it goes better than Warp 3 or 4, I was never able to use neither.

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