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OS/2 and eComStation

A new demo live CD of eComStation 2.2 beta, the evolution of OS/2 Warp, is now available. The new live demo CD (beta 5) can be downloaded after a free registration from the eComStation site. There is some discussion about it on the forum.

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RE: Comment by shakeshuck
by biffuz on Thu 12th Dec 2013 15:03 UTC in reply to "Comment by shakeshuck"
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Parallels isn't owned by Microsoft.
There's a technical reason for this limited support, though: currently Parallels and VPC are the only VM to emulate the x86 instructions required by OS/2.
But now I'm reading that VirtualBox does it too. I'm going to try it right now ;)

EDIT: ok, it displays the desktop background and the taskbar (with CPU usage and clock which are updating), but no icons, the mouse pointer has a hourglass, and doesn't respond to clicks. Sigh.

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