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Ina Fried has just confirmed the Nokia Android phone - and even argues that Microsoft might go ahead with actually releasing it.

According to a Nokia source, the software has a look more similar to Windows Phone than to the "squircle" icons used on the Asha. Normandy would also serve as a way to deliver Microsoft services such as Bing and Skype.

That is seen by some at Microsoft as a more palatable alternative than seeing more of those first-time smartphone buyers sign up not just for Android but also for Google's array of services.

Makes sense. It does raise another question, though: wouldn't this be yet another operating system Microsoft would need to develop and support?

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RE[7]: Mistake
by JAlexoid on Fri 13th Dec 2013 17:16 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Mistake"
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This has always been about Microsoft allegedly not being relevant in enterprise, something patently false. That's despite JAlexoid and your attempt to reframe the argument.

Really? Always?
Because the context of this comment thread are mobile phones, steering the conversation back into the area of the topic is somehow reframing the argument!?!?!

There is no argument that Microsoft is relevant in the enterprise, yet WP is not. And no matter how much you wish to wave your hands, neither is WinRT or full blown Windows tablets at the moment.
BYOD is all the rage, not Windows.

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