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As promised, Valve has released the first test release of SteamOS. From the FAQ:

SteamOS is a fork (derivative) of Debian GNU/Linux. The first version (SteamOS 1.0) is called 'alchemist' and it is based on the Debian 'wheezy' (stable 7.1) distribution.

The major changes made in SteamOS are:

  • Backported eglibc 2.17 from Debian testing
  • Added various third-party drivers and updated graphics stack (Intel and AMD graphics support still being worked on)
  • Updated kernel tracking the 3.10 longterm branch (currently 3.10.11)
  • Custom graphics compositor designed to provide a seamless transition between Steam, its games and the SteamOS system overlay
  • Configured to auto-update from the Valve SteamOS repositories

You need to have an NVIDIA card for it to work, since Intel and AMD graphics are currently not yet supported (work is underway).

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That seems like a narrow-minded philosophy to me.

Corporations are just groups of people and trusting corporations is approximately the same as trusting people. You may give them the benefit of the doubt or you may be skeptical in the beginning, but over time you begin to learn who is trustworthy and who isn't. If you trust the wrong ones or trust any of them to an unreasonable degree, you get burned and you need to re-evaluate your own judgement. It really isn't complicated.

The problem most people have is they place unrealistic expectations on corporations (and people) to act and behave a certain way and are burned when their expectations aren't met. They feel like their trust has been betrayed when, in reality, their trust was misplaced or unreasonable to begin with.

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