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Reviving an old computer is like restoring a classic car: There's a thrill from bringing the ancient into the modern world. So it was with my first "real" computer, my Mac Plus, when I decided to bring it forward three decades and introduce it to the modern Web.

It's amazing what's possible on these old machines.

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RE: *sigh* It's the hardware
by biffuz on Tue 17th Dec 2013 12:14 UTC in reply to "*sigh* It's the hardware"
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Somewhere here I have a 486 that was pulled out of a ditch and yes it works with 20MB RAM.

The PSU has a really, really noisy fan which needs swapping out - old (AT) style PSU's are rare now.

Anyone know where a translater ATX to AT lead can be found?

It has OpenBSD on it but I suspect even they no longer support 486 ... hopefully NetBSD will tho'.

I've seens some ATX->AT converters, but it's definitively cheaper to replace the fan.

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