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The MorphOS development team is proud to announce the public release of MorphOS 3.4, which introduces faster R300 graphics drivers, improved video playback on G5-based systems, support for non-native display resolutions on various PowerBooks, screen blanker password protection, and numerous bug fixes and other improvements. For an overview of the included changes, please read our release notes.

Some serious improvements in there. Their market is probably small, but they release new versions at a relatively stable pace. One of the very few alternative operating systems that has managed to survive over the years where so many others fell.

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My experience
by lancealot on Wed 18th Dec 2013 19:06 UTC
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I put MorphOS in a triple boot setup with Mac OS X and Linux on a Apple Mac Mini G4. In my testing, MorphOS was so much faster in general boot times and use. Mac OS X came in second, and Linux in a distant third. All three were base GUI installs, so admittedly I didn't go crazy trying to modify configs on the Linux install, but I did try a lightweight X-windows manager for Linux. Still MorphOS was so much faster I came away impressed, and removed Mac OS X and Linux during an upgrade to MorphOS.

So if you have a old PPC Mac computer that is supported (, and would like to use it for basic functions (web browser, jabber client, music, etc..), then this is a good way to bring life into that computer. It boots up in seconds and everything runs quickly. Origyn Web Browser (OWB) is the best web browser I have found on any of the Amiga clones. Given the fact everything has a web based equivalent now in days (Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, etc.), I think the web browser is the most important application you need on a desktop.

I know price is an issue, but a positive way to look at it is your supporting the MorphOS team with the cost of a license so we all see future updates. I purchased a license since I felt it breathed new life into my Mac Mini PPC, plus being a past Amiga user I felt comfortable with the interface. I felt the cost of the OS was comparable to what I would pay if I wanted Windows OS on a machine, and I always feel better supporting a small MorphOS team, then Microsoft.

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