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2013 was nothing less than a blockbuster success for Windows Phone, which went from industry also-ran to the undisputed third mobile ecosystem, and is poised to challenge iPhone for the number two spot. You didn't think it could get this good? That's OK, neither did I.

Windows Phone seemingly turns a corner with every new application, small operating system update, and new Nokia Lumia. It's turning so many corners it's running in circles.

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RE[6]: Comment by Nelson
by acobar on Thu 19th Dec 2013 00:46 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Comment by Nelson"
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I am sorry but could you explain what is your point? Nelson is a smart guy or, at least, seems to be, but he also like to undervalue the opinions of others and act like he knows how the market will develop and brags about it, like he did on a previous post on this thread. Pointing the he was wrong serves to put things on perspective for others that don't know him very well and may be tempted to side with him.

To me, that is all about the intention of the post you are replaying to.

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