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Apple today announced the all-new Mac Pro will be available to order starting Thursday, December 19. Redesigned from the inside out, the all-new Mac Pro features the latest Intel Xeon processors, dual workstation-class GPUs, PCIe-based flash storage and ultra-fast ECC memory.

This thing is so damn awesome. I don't need it, but I still want one.

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RE[3]: Comment by smashIt
by galvanash on Thu 19th Dec 2013 14:31 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by smashIt"
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Another thing this brings to mind...

Assuming they are not "officially" AMD cards, will Catalyst drivers even work if they are booted into Windows?

This probably won't affect people who actually buy these things for what they are (i.e. professional graphics workstations), as if they aren't using OSX they wouldn't buy them in the first place. But there were a lot of people who used to buy Mac Pros as high-end "swiss army knives", as you could do quite a lot of different stuff with them (including gaming in Windows if you were so inclined) - and they were a "relatively" cheap way to get a high core count machine.

Just saying I wonder how they will work in bootcamp considering the "unique" nature of their GPUs... It may turn out that Catalyst drivers work fine, but then again it may turn out they don't work at all - and Apple's bootcamp drivers likely won't go to a lot of trouble to tune for gaming performance on Windows.

Will have to wait for reviews I guess.

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