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Google believes Dart speeds up both developers and the programs they write, but skeptics worry that it fragments Web programming and undermines the industry's focus on better JavaScript. So far, it's been a largely academic debate, but that will change in coming months.

That's because Google right now is building Dart technology directly into Chrome.

Does anyone here use Dart?

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RE[4]: Dart
by moltonel on Fri 20th Dec 2013 14:37 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Dart"
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I'd rather see a JS-with-perf-extensions in the VM (e.g. structs and type annotations, integers, ...), that TypeScript, CoffeeScript & friends would compile to.

That's pretty much what asm.js is. It's hard to call it an "extension" because it removes stuff from the language instead of adding to it, but it has the distinct advantage of being proper javascript that can run unmodified even on a browser that only knows about plain javascript (not sure what the performance profile is in this case).

As for type annotations and similar, since you can generate asm.js code from llvm bytecode, you have a large choice of languages to write your code in.

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