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Google believes Dart speeds up both developers and the programs they write, but skeptics worry that it fragments Web programming and undermines the industry's focus on better JavaScript. So far, it's been a largely academic debate, but that will change in coming months.

That's because Google right now is building Dart technology directly into Chrome.

Does anyone here use Dart?

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Let me clarify: it WAS a language I liked and loved. It grow up to be a ugly monster that eat little kids.

Take, for instance, its object/pseudo-class implementation, it is a nightmare if you are not the one who developed the original code - commong thing in industry, you will always ending with tons of old code someone else wrote and did not care to document. The lack of types, mostly in the object case, is also very bad for mantaining large pieces of code.

Also, it is very easy just say "people don't use the right way" and do not face the problem: people CAN use it in the wrong way very easily.


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