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We just discovered an issue in both and today which causes update of the store token required for accessing store repositories to fail. A fix for that has been pushed a few minutes ago: The update to version you might be seeing on your device soon contains exactly this one fix to keep store access working.

My Jolla arrived this morning, and I've been playing with it all day. It is by far the most exciting device and operating system I've used in a long, long time. When it arrived, the first update to the operating system was already waiting for me to be installed - and only a few hours later, another update is hitting the device. They have promised another large bugfix and stability update before the end of the year, with updates with new features arriving early next year.

These men and women know what they're doing. They're not overselling, and they keep their promises. A very promising start.

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RE[5]: Comment by shmerl
by BallmerKnowsBest on Fri 20th Dec 2013 14:40 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by shmerl"
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I really don't care about mod points, as I've said in the past.

Mod points are useless for their intended purpose, of course - but they are a useful indicator of which way the group-think winds are blowing.

I've never taken the anti-American attitude here personally, and even with this discussion I didn't. This is just the first time I've been moved to bring it up. I'm not anti-European, and this discussion won't change that. An entire continent is not measured by the words of a few of its members.

I don't think it requires an anti-European stance to to find it tiresome when the usual suspects immediately pounce on any mention of the US, and try to spin it as an excuse to take lazy cheapshots & or hop up on their soapbox for some smug bragging about how everything is oh-so-much better in the EU.

Even ignoring the obnoxious nationalism, it betrays a dangerous level of "things like that could never happen in MY country" naivete. To paraphrase Noam Chomsky, "People mistakenly assume that these are uniquely-American issues. The reality is that these are societal issues that can occur in any country; it's just that, as the most advanced country on Earth, we've reached that stage first."

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