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Google believes Dart speeds up both developers and the programs they write, but skeptics worry that it fragments Web programming and undermines the industry's focus on better JavaScript. So far, it's been a largely academic debate, but that will change in coming months.

That's because Google right now is building Dart technology directly into Chrome.

Does anyone here use Dart?

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The language has it quirks but is very flexible and it is mis-understood. Especially because C#/Java/C++ guys tend to try to write it like it is C#/Java or C++.

I agree. While JavaScript is not my favorite language it can be quite nice and effective but you have to change your mindset and best practices compared to C/C++ coding. I come from a full system-level C/C++ background and my first experiences with JS were horrible but after working with experienced JS coders for a while I came to love it. It needs some discipline to get things right but then again every language does.

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