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The MorphOS development team is proud to announce the public release of MorphOS 3.4, which introduces faster R300 graphics drivers, improved video playback on G5-based systems, support for non-native display resolutions on various PowerBooks, screen blanker password protection, and numerous bug fixes and other improvements. For an overview of the included changes, please read our release notes.

Some serious improvements in there. Their market is probably small, but they release new versions at a relatively stable pace. One of the very few alternative operating systems that has managed to survive over the years where so many others fell.

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But for how much longer? I think we are past the tipping point, and Apple PPC hardware is going to become harder to find, and start failing.

If their only plan (and I am not saying it is) is just to run on someone else's discontinued hardware they only have a handful of years to go.

Their plan is to enjoy what's there. Not much more.
But of course the view is also put into future from time to time. And teh ISA switch is rather inevitable. Apple PPC hardware will last a few more years, but it falls back in terms of computing power and of course teh hardwrae is simply aging. The problem is known and aware.
AFAIK the ISA switch is not yet set into stone but will probably focus on X64 and bring a few API changes if modern features like SMP should be used (which would be stupid if it wasn't...). Hence a simple recompile will not exactly work. But if done with care the required changes to the API should be rather small making porting existing MorphOS applications to MorphOS NG a rather simple work.
I think a straight forward way to do MorphOS NG would be like outlined here:

And MorphSO 3.6 will again support a computer still in production: the Acube Sam460. Not the most powerful computer one can think of and not exactly a bargain but at least a new RoHS compliant hardware with warranty and high quality of production.

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