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BlackBerry's new interim chief John Chen has just got a rude wake-up call: the company shipped only 1.9 million smartphones to retailers in Q3 compared to 3.7 million last quarter, and lost $4.4 billion. Most of the phones shipped were lower-priced BB7 models, and it lost a massive $2.6 billion on unsold BlackBerry 10 devices and other associated BB10 charges. Retail channel sales (of phones already shipped) during the period also showed the scale of the drop in its upmarket phones: of 4.3 million devices sold to end-users, only 1.1 million were BB10 handsets.

I feel terrible for the people working at RIM. This is the news they have to hear just days before Christmas.

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Too Little too late.
by theTSF on Thu 26th Dec 2013 19:37 UTC
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Blackberry didn't take Apple seriously when they made the iPhone. Google had to remake their Android platform, it took them a little time but it caught up. However Blackberry never fully got it, until it was too late.

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