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The CDC6600 and its family members are part of the computer industry history. A decade before the Cray 1, the members of the CDC6000 family were not only expensive and the most powerful systems at the time of introduction. They were also lean and wonderful architectures ! The elegance was also conveyed in several publications (many by CDC), where all the necessary knowledge was explained from the ground up. All you needed to know was supplied, clearly laid out, not just hints for efficient programming. Basically, you could rebuild your own computer by reading these books. 50 years later, they are invaluable reminders and tools, we can see where the computer industry comes from and realise that it is not that hard to do it ourselves, too.

Via HackerNews. This is an amazing resource.

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RE[3]: nice
by Drumhellar on Mon 30th Dec 2013 07:27 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: nice"
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And a LOT more error prone

Is it really? Or, do you just think it is?

Is Office '95 more stable than Office 2012?

No. It isn't. Not even close. It is also far more capable and better in pretty much every way, given that it also runs of far more capable hardware.

When people are so bothered by potential perceived inefficiency without giving a thought to what is actually happening behind the scenes, by what they perceive as "bloat," which 99% of the time is just a euphemism for "features I don't use," it makes me think you think it would have been better if software just stood still for the past 20 years despite the massive increase in hardware capacity.

There's always been crummy software, but at least now, there's a lot more usable software, too.

And usability is what's actually important - not some imaginary utopia of efficiency or correctness.

Software is only useful if it's usable.

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