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Jacob Applebaum's detailed technical 30c3 talk about the NSA's tools. Just watch this. Naming and shaming of just about every major technology company. This will blow your mind.

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Basically he's saying the NSA has information on pretty much everyone, that they've made sure they have access to pretty much every computer in the world, and they've got some pretty unbelievable tricks up their sleeves.

Like intercepting parcels and installing devices and software on computers and components - including at the bios/firmware level.

They can piggyback information onto your computer when you connect to websites, sabotage connections, and corrupt downloads.

They've also persuaded companies to leave exploits and backdoors in their hardware/software and keep them secret - leaving the door open not only for the NSA but also malicious hackers.

I'm not sure if I followed it correctly, but I'm pretty sure Mr. Applebaum said they could utilize your wireless device even if it's suspended.

There's also legitimate american security experts and reporters getting their homes raided and/or 'black bagged' (infiltrated and their devices compromised), and being imprisoned.

So, yeah, nothing beyond what we would expect from the NSA.

There is the whole thing about their 1kw microwave generators at close range though, and the potential health concerns associated with that.

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