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Jacob Applebaum's detailed technical 30c3 talk about the NSA's tools. Just watch this. Naming and shaming of just about every major technology company. This will blow your mind.

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by mistersoft on Tue 31st Dec 2013 12:01 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by ddc_"
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Yep. And though I always agreed with the broad 'free software' principles of RMS, I've always thought he either went just a smidgen too far - or was slightly more dogmatic than necessary. But no, he was 100% right, (I'm still 'OK' with existense of some proprietary softwares at the local and function specific level), but OS's and BIOS's, Firmwares, both Home and Infrastructure routers and other network equipment - need to be running OPEN and regularly inspected code. For OS's - it needs to at least be the boot code, network stacks (wired and all varieties of wireless) and security code - other stuff and applications could maybe remain closed. Not the kernel though

Would pressure from consumers on the Microsoft's and Apples ever force them to change at all? Pressure from angry corporations or even non-UK non-US governments then?

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