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Jacob Applebaum's detailed technical 30c3 talk about the NSA's tools. Just watch this. Naming and shaming of just about every major technology company. This will blow your mind.

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No secuirty without transparency
by crystall on Tue 31st Dec 2013 15:18 UTC
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This stuff is downright scary. No, actually it's worrisome. Two thoughts occurred to me: first of all we've been taught that security through obscurity doesn't work; we have to re-learn that part, security without transparency (at the software, firmware and even hardware level) is impossible as long as the NSA or organizations with similar resources are sabotaging commercial products. Transparency must also be extended at the political level, that's inevitable otherwise the problem will never be solved. Seeing the government agency of a democratic country use traditionally seen only in dictatorships goes a long way to show how public scrutiny and check-and-balance countermeasures are fundamental to prevent abuse.

The second thing is: this extends way beyond the NSA or the US. Everything shown in the video is built out of off-the-shelf components, in many cases with the complicity of the vendors. If the NSA can do so then pretty much any other nation-state can and obviously criminal organizations too. The implications for worldwide security are enormous.

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