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The German newspaper Der Spiegel has unveiled a whole bunch of stuff about the NSA and its tools that defy belief. Their tools and actions go way beyond what we already knew; we're not just talking passive information gathering through cables and such, but way, way more.

For instance, the NSA can divert shipments of purchased computers and equipment to their own secret workshops, where malware and spying hardware is added to these products before they are then shipped onward to the buyers. They also intercept Windows crash reports as they are sent from users' computers to Microsoft's servers. Worse yet, they can reportedly add special hardware to drones that can wirelessly infect computers from up to 8 kilometres away.

We've only seen the tip of the iceberg here. The fact that no heads are rolling in Washington over this illustrates just how corrupt and undemocratic the US government has become.

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Perhaps it's time to re-erect the Iron Curtain, only this time to the west instead of the east!

One of the most worrying unanswered questions of this is this: if USA/UK's network is this extensive and goes so much further than simpe national security, how extensive and intrusive must the networks of those we always knew were oppressive states be, many of whom have even larger resources than the UK & literally no (rather than vanishingly little) chance of being held accountable?

And are we supposed to believe that both Germany and France --- the former the largest power in Europe, the latter more or less a mirror image of the UK in foreign affairs --- haven't got something of the kind like it?

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