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All in all the new Mac Pro is a good update to its aging predecessor. Apple did a great job with the new chassis and build a desktop that's extremely dense with compute. When I had to dust off the old Mac Pros to prepare them for this comparison I quickly remembered many of the reasons that frustrated me about the platform. The old Mac Pro was big, bulky, a pain to work on and was substantially behind the consumer Macs in single threaded performance. The new Mac Pro fixes literally all of that. If you have a workload that justifies it and prefer OS X, the Mac Pro is thankfully no longer just your only solution, it's a great solution.

The only Mac Pro review that matters. Still want one. Won't buy one - but want one.

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Looks nice, but...
by Drunkula on Thu 2nd Jan 2014 15:27 UTC
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I wonder how long before somebody actually tries to dispose their coffee into the top of it, mistaking it for a wastebin.

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