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The PC industry isn't doing so well. Sales have dramatically slumped, despite the industry's efforts to tempt consumers with Windows 8 tablets and transforming touchscreen laptops. But next week, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas may be the launching pad for a new push - a new brand of computer that runs both Windows and Android.

Sources close to the matter tell The Verge that Intel is behind the idea, and that the chipmaker is working with PC manufacturers on a number of new devices that could be announced at the show. Internally known as "Dual OS," Intel's idea is that Android would run inside of Windows using virtualization techniques, so you could have Android and Windows apps side by side without rebooting your machine.

I'm going to make a very daring prediction, that is sure to send ripples across the entire industry: this is not going to turn the tide for the PC.

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Shake a Legacy
by tomz on Sat 4th Jan 2014 02:18 UTC
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But we need compatibility with the original 4004 and 8080 running on one of the old S100 bus IMSAI or Altair computers! Who doesn't want to use toggle switches to get their bootloader.

For everything else, there's ARM. Oh, except Windows that needs x86 compatibility (even spoiling 64 bit). But even Windows is now ARMed and dangerous to Intel.

ARM is to hardware what Windows was to software.

AMD should have 12 core ARM with some ultra GPU if they were smart.

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