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I came across a website whose purpose was to provide a super detailed list of every handheld computing environment going back to the early 1970's. It did a great job except for one glaring omission: the first mobile platform that I helped develop. The company was called Danger, the platform was called hiptop, and what follows is an account of our early days, and a list of some of the "modern" technologies we shipped years before you could buy an iOS or Android device.

Written by one of Danger's first employees, Chris DeSalvo. Amazing detailed look at some of the revolutionary things Danger did - years before iOS and Android.

It should come as no surprise that I loved this article. I hate how everything is framed as "iOS/Android invented this" - while in fact, both of those platforms rely very, very, very heavily on those that came before, such as PalmOS and Danger.

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Comment by jockm
by jockm on Mon 6th Jan 2014 21:26 UTC
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It is funny that the author praised how locked down the app store was. I personally found that to be one of Danger's biggest negatives. I was a big fish in the small pond of online play by email gaming some time ago and couldn't get them to give me the time of day when I wanted to write a client for the Hiptop.

Hiptop may have done some things sooner (we can debate this) but they failed to see the future as much as Blackberry did.

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