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Red Hat

With great excitement I'd like to announce that we are joining the Red Hat family. The CentOS Project is joining forces with Red Hat. Working as part of the Open Source and Standards team to foster rapid innovation beyond the platform into the next generation of emerging technologies. Working alongside the Fedora and RHEL ecosystems, we hope to further expand on the community offerings by providing a platform that is easily consumed, by other projects to promote their code while we maintain the established base.

Well, that's certainly a different tune from Red Hat. Welcome though!

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RE[3]: Comment by BBAP
by japh on Wed 8th Jan 2014 07:47 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by BBAP"
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So what is to stop you from taking the source RPM's (After all they are GPL) and building your own distro and calling it KochiseOS and sticking a few dozen arrows in the back of RH?

Nothing stops anyone, but typically those who use centos is interested in having a server OS to use, not maintaining one themselves.
If CentOS would disappear as the free and less supported RHEL, then I think that some people would miss that.

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