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Valve officially showed off the 13 official Steam Machines during its brief CES press event this evening, but it was in the aftermath where we got a closer look at the devices. Below, Reviews Editor Lee Hutchinson snapped photos of all the Steam Machine variants in their glorious array of shapes and sizes.

They start at $499, and come in all shapes and sizes.

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RE[3]: Price?
by aliquis on Thu 9th Jan 2014 10:51 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Price?"
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I don't see the problem with different quality settings for different people.

Anyway, from Valves perspective I guess the problem they try to solve is remaining relevant in a world where each OS store have its own application store.

Valve is partly their own games and partly (arguable a bigger part by now?) Steam. Benefit of Steam is downloads locked to your account (and a communication platform together with that), however Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, .. have the same and could easily become the standard sellers of software on their own platforms.

Valve want to keep selling games.

Now from a user perspective the advantage I can see is for the people who don't want a beefy PC sitting around in their apartment and they may not care much for regular PC tasks either now when they have their tablet and smartphone. The Steam machines offer them a way to get a PC in a less common form-factor and hide it away beside or behind their TV.

I don't get why one would say get the Webhallen option though then you can just build that yourself or change it in any way you want. There's totally nothing special about that configuration. On the other hand some other fellow Swede told me they had been part of some GTX 680 launch and over at Dreamhack (also in Sweden, worlds biggest computer gamer LAN) if I remember correctly G-sync was shown at the Komplett both and Komplett and Webhallen have the same owner. Some marketing for them at least.

Why the user would be interested in Linux I have no freaking clue about but from Valves perspective I think it's very easy to see why they want to do it.

Also more gamepads in the hands of PC gamers can likely strengthen the PC gaming market a little / make it more compatible with more titles. And I suppose the Steam machines will strengthen it somewhat too.

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