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Valve officially showed off the 13 official Steam Machines during its brief CES press event this evening, but it was in the aftermath where we got a closer look at the devices. Below, Reviews Editor Lee Hutchinson snapped photos of all the Steam Machine variants in their glorious array of shapes and sizes.

They start at $499, and come in all shapes and sizes.

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RE[4]: Price?
by ilovebeer on Thu 9th Jan 2014 17:28 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Price?"
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Now from a user perspective the advantage I can see is for the people who don't want a beefy PC sitting around in their apartment and they may not care much for regular PC tasks either now when they have their tablet and smartphone.

A "Steam Machine" is a regular pc. People really need to understand the term "Steam Machine" doesn't describe a new product, it's basically just marketing fluff.

The Steam machines offer them a way to get a PC in a less common form-factor and hide it away beside or behind their TV.

Small and/or less common form-factor pc cases have been available for years. Most of my htpcs are hardly bigger than a Nintendo Wii, if at all. The most recent is probably 3 years old.

There is absolutely nothing new to see here. Everything about a "Steam Machine" is old news with the exception of the OS. It's funny when Valve says "A powerful new category of living-room hardware is on the horizon", but then turns around and explains how you can build a Steam Machine yourself completely out of off-the-shelf parts.

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