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You no longer need someone's email address to send them an email. At least, that will soon be the case if you want to email another Google+ user. A new Gmail "feature" will let you simply type in anyone's name into Gmail's "to" field and send them an email. Google announced the new Google+ integration on its Gmail blog today, but company representatives have clarified to The Verge that - by default - anyone on its social network will be able to send messages to your Gmail inbox.

It's opt-out; so it's enabled by default. I don't think Google has ever had a more stupid idea than this. This is just all-around bad - no ifs, no buts, nothing. You must be completely brain-dead to think that implementing this "feature" is in any way, shape, or form, a good idea.

I'll be turning this off right away - I don't want random internet people emailing me any more than they already do. Equally idiotic, when you start typing a name in Gmail's to/cc fields, it will autocomplete to Google+ usernames. I have no idea if you can turn this brain fart off.

I don't like Google+, I don't want Google+ - I just want it to go away. Please.

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Comment by ddc_
by ddc_ on Thu 9th Jan 2014 21:17 UTC
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It's puzzling. The Verge puts it like it is proper mail with Google+ accounts acting as aliases, while from reading the announcement on Google's blog I had an impression that this is simply Google+ disguised as mail. And does it mean that I can use Google+ names as aliases for outgoing mail via Google's SMTP server?

P.S.: As an IMAP user I will most likely see these messages in my inbox, so Google made my IMAP usage yet less comfortable...

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