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Valve officially showed off the 13 official Steam Machines during its brief CES press event this evening, but it was in the aftermath where we got a closer look at the devices. Below, Reviews Editor Lee Hutchinson snapped photos of all the Steam Machine variants in their glorious array of shapes and sizes.

They start at $499, and come in all shapes and sizes.

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RE[10]: Price?
by ilovebeer on Thu 9th Jan 2014 23:53 UTC in reply to "RE[9]: Price?"
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The machines in that price range can already handle _every_ game available in full 1080p, 60Hz without any issues.

That's an assumption. We can discuss again after people have been running Steam OS for a year. Then we can gauge how well the software & hardware has held up.

That's the whole point of making a blueprint for these things. They exist so that people can go to the store, pick one up and _know_ it will work with every game currently available.

You sound like you still understand that Valve has not developed a new device. The blueprint for pcs was created long ago and Valve had nothing to do with it. There is literally no difference between Windows gaming and "Steam Machine" AKA Steam OS AKA Linux gaming other than the fact that with Windows you have tons more games to choose from.

Otherwise, there would have been _zero_ need for Steam Machines blueprints.

What blueprints? Or did you actually mean to say `minimum Steam OS requirements`, just as you would find `minimum Windows OS requirements`?

_Just like_ consoles.

The difference is that you are not _locked_ when it comes to the hardware. If you _want_ to upgrade parts, you _can_ but you don't _have to_.

What's so hard to understand about that?
And why is that seen as a _negative_?

That's been the case since the pc market first took off. There is absolutely nothing new to see here. This is all old news.

You need to forget thinking pc gaming magically just turned into console gaming because Valves marketing fluff wants you to think something new is going on. This is really about trying to herd pc gamers away from Windows and towards Linux. That's the bottom line. If Valve has any shot at succeeding beyond Linux enthusiasts or Microsoft haters, it will only be after a long & painful uphill climb. At this point there's no reason for anyone to install Steam OS over their existing Windows box, and no good reason to buy a pc with Steam OS over an Xbox or Playstation. The only exceptions would be some morality about who you support, or Steam OS offering must-have exclusives that justify going that route. Most people don't care about the former, and whether the latter ever becomes trues has yet to be seen.

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