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Valve officially showed off the 13 official Steam Machines during its brief CES press event this evening, but it was in the aftermath where we got a closer look at the devices. Below, Reviews Editor Lee Hutchinson snapped photos of all the Steam Machine variants in their glorious array of shapes and sizes.

They start at $499, and come in all shapes and sizes.

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RE[12]: Price?
by ilovebeer on Fri 10th Jan 2014 08:11 UTC in reply to "RE[11]: Price?"
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These things will allow games to continually evolve, unlike regular consoles where the games only evolve (technology wise) once every ten years.

Some like that, but I never liked the fact that regular consoles hold back technology evolution.
I'm hoping this will have a hand in solving that problem.

That problem was already solved ages ago with the birth of 3d gaming on the pc. And, consoles don't drive technology therefore it's not possible for them to hold it back.

And you still don't understand that there is no difference between that and regular consoles either.

By all means, please try to find a quote where I said consoles aren't pc's. In no way does differentiating between pc gaming and console gaming mean or imply there's any confusion regarding what the hardware is.

How about you actually read a bit. Go check out what they have said themselves.
They said that they created blueprints for "good, better and best" steam machines.
A certification process: Build a machine with these requirements and you may slap a "better" sticker on it. And so on.
It's a simple certification!
What do you not get about that?

You clearly missed the point. Oh well, no biggie.

That's been the case since the pc market first took off. There is absolutely nothing new to see here. This is all old news.
Just like consoles. How do you not get that?
The ONLY difference between regular consoles and this is that regular consoles stay the same for 10 years before evolving, while this will allow a little more rapid evolving. How is that in any way shape or form bad?
Not get what? What are you even going on about? "Regular consoles and this"? "This will allow a little more rapid evolving"? You still don't understand that you're just trying to compare a pc and a game console? And I haven't noticed anyone suggest that the ability to upgrade components in a pc is a bad thing. Where are you getting this nonsense from?!

Sure, they absolutely want an exit from the stronghold Microsoft has with Windows. And what's wrong with that?

Who said anything is wrong with it?

If Microsoft succeeds with their App Store, they will effectively start herding people away from Steam, which will hurt Valve economically, so ofcourse they need a way out.

The Microsoft App Store doesn't threaten to `herd people away from Steam`, it threatens to take a portion of their revenue BUT only IF certain things fall into place, which at this point looks unlikely. Not that it isn't wise to develop a plan B just in case.

Linux was the ONLY realistic choice, as the only other alternative was MacOS, and there Apple already has an even tighter grip of the ecosystem.

I disagree. Valve could have developed their own OS from the ground up that would truly be built for gaming, rather than put bandaids on everything wrong with Linux (gaming). Linux was the EASIER and CHEAPER choice, but not the "ONLY" one.

I don't care what operating system they decide to use for their products. Neither should you.
Who cares what operating system Sony uses on the Playstation?
This was never part of the discussion, so why bring it up?

I never said I cared what OS Valve bases Steam OS on. But, you're wrong that it's not part of the discussion. It's a central point because it's the very reason for Valve's actions. By creating the Steam OS distro, Valve is trying to shift Windows gaming over to Linux. And you think that isn't a part of the discussion?

You claim the machines are absolute regular ordinary PC's with just another operating system installed.

It's common knowledge. Valve owns words are `anyone can create a Steam Machine with off-the-shelf parts`.

That's the exact same thing with consoles. They all even contain the same kind of hardware these days.
x86 CPU with a GPU from AMD or nVidia.
The only really difference between them all (including xbox and playstation) are the operating systems.

No, it's not the exact same thing with consoles. The system design is not the same, and neither are the parts used. If you think you can build a PS4 or Xbox One with a quick trip to your local computer store, you're wrong.

There simply is no difference, technologically speaking. They are _all_ regular PC's with different operating systems.

Wrong. As I just said, consoles use a more integrated design and modified versions of CPU's and GPU's that aren't available off-the-shelf. The are two significant differences beyond simply running different OSes.

It's like you wanna throw every last piece of shit you can find at the wall and see what sticks. Why?
Why are you so hell bent on dissing what they are attempting to acheive?

This makes absolutely no sense at all. How exactly does pointing out facts equate to throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks? And how do you interpret it as "dissing what they are attempting to achieve"? At no point have I said anything negative about Valve's pursuit to make Linux gaming tangible competition. So far they haven't done anything new, anything impressive, and given me as a pc & console gamer any reason to bother with Steam OS. Would you prefer I lie or pretend otherwise? I've already explained what it would take for Valve and Steam OS to win me over so obviously the door is open. But, I'm not going to get a hard-on when there's nothing to get a hard-on for.

Maybe, but why kick them in the process?
You are contributing to that uphill climb, instead of helping.

In what way do you think I'm kicking them or making their uphill climb even harder? Because I won't dump Windows and console gaming in favor of Steam OS without good reason? It's their job to win me over, not my job to blindly follow.

", and no good reason to buy a pc with Steam OS over an Xbox or Playstation.

Unless you own a shit-ton of Steam games, that is.
Why buy an Xbox instead of a Playstation?
Why buy a Playstation instead of an Xbox?
It's the same argument.
If you own a shit-ton of Steam games, you already own a pc and thus likely wouldn't be prompted to buy another one just to install Steam OS when it gives you no advantage at this point.

"The only exceptions would be some morality about who you support

Just like Xbox vs Playstation.
Your point?
Do you truthfully not understand the statement?

", or Steam OS offering must-have exclusives that justify going that route. Most people don't care about the former, and whether the latter ever becomes trues has yet to be seen.

Just like Xbox vs Playstation.
Again, what's your point?
Wrong. Xbox & PS already have several established blockbusters/exclusives. Steam, not so much. They're going to need more than Half-Life and Portal to become any real competition.

You seem to believe that these will actually be WORSE than an Xbox or Playstation, when in reality they are more likely gonna give you BETTER graphics and MORE available games for the same money.

Crazy huh?

Yes, it's crazy that you say that because at no point did I ever say anything like that. Not even remotely close to it.

Xbox One and Playstation 4 have very few games available at the moment, while the Steam Machines, even before they have been released, already have over 300 games available,

Xbox One and PS4 has the advantage of having a variety of juggernaut titles. Of those 300 steam games, how many can you say that about?

all of them fully playable at 1080p, 60Hz, while both Xbox One and PS4 struggle to do the same with their existing games.
Both of them have upscaled some games from lower resolutions, to be able to handle them. And that's right after the consoles have been released.
Does not bode well for future game engine technology.

As is always the case at launch. Once the engines get fine-tuned and people learn these systems, you'll see vast improvement. As is always the case.

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