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You no longer need someone's email address to send them an email. At least, that will soon be the case if you want to email another Google+ user. A new Gmail "feature" will let you simply type in anyone's name into Gmail's "to" field and send them an email. Google announced the new Google+ integration on its Gmail blog today, but company representatives have clarified to The Verge that - by default - anyone on its social network will be able to send messages to your Gmail inbox.

It's opt-out; so it's enabled by default. I don't think Google has ever had a more stupid idea than this. This is just all-around bad - no ifs, no buts, nothing. You must be completely brain-dead to think that implementing this "feature" is in any way, shape, or form, a good idea.

I'll be turning this off right away - I don't want random internet people emailing me any more than they already do. Equally idiotic, when you start typing a name in Gmail's to/cc fields, it will autocomplete to Google+ usernames. I have no idea if you can turn this brain fart off.

I don't like Google+, I don't want Google+ - I just want it to go away. Please.

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Stupid to hate Google+
by Lunitik on Sat 11th Jan 2014 02:08 UTC
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Seriously, if you don't like it, you should just stop using Google services full stop.

Google+ IS the new Google, everyone at Google goes on telling us this. Finally, everything Google has been doing are becoming integrated, rather than a bunch of random services that have nothing in common.

This is good, it means Google is going to be even more useful to everyone.

If you don't want technology to be useful, you should just stop using it.

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