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Although Apple and Google officially sit out the biggest tech trade show of the year, their platforms are well represented by the third parties that create thousands of products for them. This year it feels like Microsoft is simply being left out.

Windows has virtually no presence in the two biggest things to hit computing in a long time, and it's starting to show. Microsoft may not be in trouble - but Windows is.

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This is the Rule
by SmallPotato on Sat 11th Jan 2014 04:13 UTC
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This is very simple rule. The world is always changing, and something new would replace something old.

Remember the days of mainframes and the emergence of PCs? PCs (and Microsoft OSes) had a tremendous growth while mainframe literally stayed flat, until it started to decline and became irrelevant, eventually phased out.

PCs in the current state is very similar. It is really difficult to have growth because nearly ALL people have PCs now (Do you really think there are still a lot of people who are getting their first PC?). All of us are just replacing existing PCs when we need to, and the pace of replacement is slowing down.

We could call this a "saturated" state, where PCs are already fully deployed in the whole world. And we must admit Microsoft is currently dominating in this area, as most computers in home and commercial segments are running Windows. While there is no growth, there are still demands from periodic replacements.

Frankly speaking, Microsoft does not need to have a presense in CES, or whatever tech shows, as it already owns a large market with no competitors. This market only shrinks when it is going into obsolence, i.e., being replaced by other technologies, such as mobile computing.

Until PCs become irrelevant, Microsoft would still exist, just like what mainframe and the manufacturers did.

And anyone would like to discuss the relevance of Microsoft in mobile area? Sure Microsoft has products, be it WP phones or Win8 tablets, but is it dominating or even competitive to other products (iOS, Android)?

Well, in the eyes of lovers, everything is beautiful. Right?

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