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Although Apple and Google officially sit out the biggest tech trade show of the year, their platforms are well represented by the third parties that create thousands of products for them. This year it feels like Microsoft is simply being left out.

Windows has virtually no presence in the two biggest things to hit computing in a long time, and it's starting to show. Microsoft may not be in trouble - but Windows is.

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by chandler on Sat 11th Jan 2014 22:33 UTC
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I just got back from CES. The Verge's article is full of crap, like most of their writing. (I sometimes get the impression that most of their writers don't even like technology and are just writing about it ironically.) Microsoft's decision not to exhibit at CES doesn't make them irrelevant at all. CES simply wasn't driven by computing devices this year. Where in years past it was a major venue for smartphone, tablet, and computer announcements, this year we had a bunch of larger Galaxy tablets that went over with a yawn, and some kind of Huawei phablet/portable charger thing. The ThinkPad 8 tablet was getting more attention than the Galaxy NotePro - in fact, every time I went by the Intel booth, there was a crowd around the ThinkPad.

The point that most of the fitness sensors and smartwatches on display only supported iOS and Android is fair, but how relevant that is depends on what you think of those categories. Personally I'm bored already; fitness sensors will almost certainly be absorbed into other devices, and smartwatches are still more of an experiment than anything I'd consider to be a long-term consumer play.

This is the first CES I attended with a Windows Phone, and every time I took my red Lumia 1520 out of my pocket it attracted a conversation. Every single one of those conversations was very positive about Windows Phone and Microsoft as a whole. It's certainly not what I'd expect from a doomed platform.

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